Call for Sites Consultation Available and Open for the Submission of Sites

Start Date: 17/04/24 5:00 PM

North Yorkshire Council has reached another early milestone in the preparation of its new local plan for North Yorkshire with the start of the process called the ‘call for sites’. This stage is an opportunity for land owners, site promoters, developers or other interested parties to put sites forward for consideration in the new local plan to meet the future needs of the area.

Sites can be put forward for any use or designation and this can include, but is not limited to:

  • housing; 
  • employment and commercial development;
  • retail and leisure;
  • renewable energy generation; and 
  • biodiversity or other environmental enhancement schemes.

How to submit a site

We have sought to simplify the process of submitting site(s) and this can now all be done online including the plotting of the site boundary, the submission of site details, and the submission of supporting documentation and any works carried out to date.  To submit a site for consideration please use the link below. 

We request as much information as possible from you when submitting these sites to enable us to consider the impacts of the sites as comprehensively as possible and we will also take expert advice on matters including:

  • Impact on local services such as schools and health services;
  • Capacity of local sewerage and water services;
  • Impact on wildlife and biodiversity;
  • The capacity of local roads and junctions.

Please click the following link for more information and to go to this consultation:

If the link appears to be broken, please try copying the entire link into the address bar on your web browser.

What happens next?

For site promoters: We will log your site and start work on the process of assessing it. If we need any clarification on any matters or the submission of further information we will be in touch.

For the community and other interested parties: It is important to note that this ‘call for sites’ process is separate to the planning application process and that the submission of a site for consideration does not in itself mean that the site will be taken forward.  At this stage, it is often the case that more sites will be submitted than are needed to meet the future needs of the area.

These will be sites that are put forward for consideration through the local plan and involves a lengthy process that will take several years to complete including an independent examination of the plan and all of the proposed sites by an appointed planning inspector. Our current aim is to seek adoption of the plan in late 2028. When submitted, these sites will be carefully assessed by planning officers with advice taken from both internal and external specialists on a range of matters from flooding and heritage to impact on the local roads, schools and ecology.

You will have the opportunity to comment on these sites in due course. When the initial assessment is completed we will, at a future local plan consultation stage, seek comments from the wider community on the list of sites – both those that may progress to being included in the local plan and those that may not – those that have been placed on a reserve list.

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