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Joanne’s Cottage Garden

    by Joanne on August 4, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Another year with glorious hanging baskets thanks to the diligence of Mike, watering daily and feeding once a week. Surfinia petunias are always very successful.We lost our Laburnum tree last year […]

  • Celebrating Agapanthus and a few late flowering...
    by Joanne on July 28, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    I grow Agapanthus in pots and overwinter in the cold greenhouse. They add colour around the garden mid summer onwards and are one of my favourite flowers yet I rarely photograph them and put on this […]

    by Joanne on June 26, 2019 at 11:45 am

    Blush Rambler with Sanders White growing through the old apple tree in the borrowed landscape.Noble Anthony has this strange luminescence in every photo that is not seen by the naked eye.Mayor of […]

    by Joanne on June 11, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    Don't you just adore Delphiniums? As always I jumble things together in my garden such that what is supposed to be my Delphinium bed has to compete with Sanders White rose on the trellis behind and […]

    by Joanne on May 26, 2019 at 8:22 am

    THE PRESIDENTThe President scrambles across the lower branches of Banksiae Banksiae.Maybe the last photo of this Banksiae Banksiae, since taking this I see many of the branches are split and dying […]

A Stubborn Optimist

  • The Carntogher History Trail
    by Carrie on September 16, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    "Carrie, thy name is Vanity!" I rebuked myself out loud...Why was I was wearing foundation on my face whilst out hill-walking? That's not me. Dear friend, lashings of factor 50 was what I needed on […]

  • Daily photo challenge round up (week 2) UPDATED
    by Carrie on September 13, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Thank you for your comments you gorgeous people - I do so love you and feel well and truly welcomed back  to the blogging world - *hugs* I will get around to reading all your posts very soon!I'm […]

  • A new start and weekly photo challenge round up (week 1)
    by Carrie on September 6, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    Sometimes my intentions aren't easily converted onto actions. I struggle with myself and the things I want to do are foremost in my mind but simply won't come to fruition.I've had photographer's […]

  • My grandfather's brush
    by Carrie on June 13, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    You know the old saying, that you're still using your grandfathers yard brush; it's just had the handle replaced 5 times and 7 new heads. I love that and but it's slowly happening to my camera! […]

  • Blueberries, apple blossom and garlic
    by Carrie on April 22, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    What weather we have been experiencing! - it's beautiful and all that but please my darling friends, know that this is climate change and we can't with all good consciousness celebrate it popularly. […]

RHS Podcasts

Real Men Sow

  • 6 Tips for Composting Down Your Spent Crops
    by Jono on October 1, 2018 at 5:41 am

    Now Autumn is here, I’ve begun the process of clearing down my veg beds. Even on the smallest of plots, there can be a wide range of plants that need disposing down, with some even provide a […]

  • The Impact of Autumn on the Allotment
    by Jono on September 20, 2018 at 5:44 am

    Our Aga is being serviced next week. Apparently, after an Aga is serviced, they are then switched on again for the Winter. This caused some consternation in our household. ‘It’s not even […]

  • Adding Organic Matter to Your Allotment and the...
    by Jono on September 12, 2018 at 5:47 am

    Recent posts on Real Men Sow have featured a theme of end-of-season reflection. I’ve looked at the good and bad of 2018, whether my massive squash plants were actually a hindrance and even […]

Welly Woman

  • An Autumnal Celebration
    by wellywoman on August 18, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    I can’t believe how quickly this year has whizzed past. As this is only my third post of the year, …Continue reading &rarr

  • A Watery World
    by wellywoman on March 4, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    The Gwent Levels near my home in Monmouthshire are entirely man-made. Skirting the northern edge of the Severn Estuary they …Continue reading &rarr

  • Under Water
    by wellywoman on January 9, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    What would you do if your home, your business and your allotment were deluged by water? I’ve been incredibly lucky to …Continue reading &rarr

  • Happy New Year
    by wellywoman on January 1, 2016 at 9:00 am

    Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016. And to all those who have suffered in the recent flooding …Continue reading &rarr

  • Merry Christmas
    by wellywoman on December 24, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    I think Santa Claus will need a James Bond style sled tonight – one which converts into an amphibious vehicle …Continue reading &rarr

Oxonian Gardener

  • Sour by Mark Diacono: Book review
    by petrahm on September 5, 2019 at 7:00 am

    The purveyor of our pedigreed hazelnut boscage, and hence known to local squirrels as the messiah; Mark Diacono, has once again taken to pen and… Oxonian Gardener - Updates from an Oxfordshire […]

  • Rose cloud pruning: The Asthall Technique
    by petrahm on February 6, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    When it comes to following rules, I’m pretty much, Dutch. Unspoken or rules carved in stone, there’s an efficiency in rule following, so we clog… Oxonian Gardener - Updates from an […]

  • Lemon Thyme Madeleines: Recipe
    by petrahm on October 12, 2018 at 9:45 am

    They stand upright, mound or creep. Thymus vulgaris, longstanding winner of the ‘smallest evergreen shrub in the garden’ contest, is a plant I wouldn’t do… Oxonian Gardener - […]

  • All weather gardening: The new black
    by petrahm on August 13, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    If the term wasn’t already nabbed, I’d refer to the gardening du jour as ‘Guerilla’ gardening. We’re seemingly fighting with the elements to keep the… Oxonian […]

  • Touch stone: on form 2018
    by petrahm on June 18, 2018 at 11:01 am

    Henry Moore once said that he found the principles of form and rhythm from the study of natural objects. Pebbles, rocks, twigs, landscapes even, showed him… Oxonian Gardener - Updates […]

Amateur Gardening

  • Make Your Garden Greener
    by Janey Goulding on August 30, 2019 at 10:18 am

    There’s never been a better time to go organic and it couldn’t be easier to get started, as our friends at national gardening charity Garden Organic explain…Credit: AlamyMake Your […]

  • Bank Holiday Gardening
    by Janey Goulding on August 16, 2019 at 8:42 am

    Itching to while away a few hours in the garden as the Bank Holiday rolls into town? Join Ruth Hayes for a spot of well-spent late summer gardening…TI MediaBank Holiday Gardening Is it really […]

  • Five August gap-fillers
    by Sally Charrett on July 30, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    Mind the gap! Amateur Gardening reveals five reliable pick-me-ups to bridge the gaps in your August garden, taking you from high summer into autumn...Dahlia 'Jescot Julie' (Alamy)Fill that flowerless […]

  • Summer clematis
    by Sally Charrett on July 4, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Viticella clematis are smothered with flowers and easy to care for, says Val Bourne. For a no-fuss climber that takes up little ground room, look no further than the Viticella Group clematis. Train […]

  • How to prune trained fruit
    by efearnley on July 4, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    An apple, pear or plum tree is a great investment for the garden. If you don’t already have a fruit tree, I bet it’s down to a perception that they need a lot of space to grow or that […]

Two Thirsty Gardeners

  • What can I do with surplus pears? Jam, chutney,...
    by Nick on August 30, 2019 at 9:20 am

    Looking for inspiration for things to do with a glut of pears? We have five ace ideas to turn that surplus into tasty treats… The post What can I do with surplus pears? Jam, chutney, wine and […]

  • Cotswolds Distillery: the making of English...
    by Nick on August 29, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    The Cotswolds Distillery produces some of the finest whisky and gin in the world. We rolled up for a tour, camera and note books in hand… The post Cotswolds Distillery: the making of English […]

  • The 5 best home grown herbal teas
    by Nick on August 29, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    We like a fresh cup of herbal tea and have been busy taste testing herbs from our garden. Here are the five that brew the best… The post The 5 best home grown herbal teas appeared first on Two […]

  • New Booze Round-up #12: Beer, Mead, Gin, a...
    by Nick on August 29, 2019 at 9:51 am

    A bumper edition this time round with some excellent drinks for folk who drink booze, something for those who don't, and a bottle-opening bear… The post New Booze Round-up #12: Beer, Mead, […]

  • Win! A box of ace beers from Beer Me Now
    by Nick on August 16, 2019 at 8:39 am

    We've teemed up with our subscription service pals Beer Me Now to offer you the chance of winning one of their boxes of beer. Find out how to enter… The post Win! A box of ace beers from Beer […]