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Please look out for your older neighbours – 3 men arrested following cold calling con 

Three men from Middlesbrough have been arrested after a man entered the home of a Harrogate woman in her 80s on the pretence of selling household items.

The suspect claimed to be selling the goods following his release from prison.

He pressurised the victim into handing over her bank card and pin number and withdrew the maximum amount he could. He fled from the property when he saw a friend of the victim arrive on the drive.

Officers investigating the incident, that happened on 6 March, gathered information that led to the identification of a vehicle connected to the incident.

When the car was seen re-entering Harrogate a few days later, officers intercepted it and arrested all three occupants.

The suspects were taken into custody for questioning. The driver, 51, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to burgle and drug driving after testing positive for cocaine at the roadside. The passengers, one aged 37, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to burgle and a 31-year-old was arrested on suspicion of burglary with intent to steal. They have since been released on conditional police bail to allow for further enquires to be carried out.

Some advice regarding cold callers at your door 

Cold callers who go door-to-door can be pushy and threatening. They may charge inflated prices.

North Yorkshire Police frequently investigates frauds, thefts and burglaries that have happened as a result of doorstep calls.

Our advice to anyone who receives a call from someone they are not expecting is:

• Check who they are before you open the door

• Fit and use a door chain

• Always lock all of your external doors, even when you are at home

• Don’t open the door unless you know who they are and are expecting them

• Don’t part with any money or bank account details

• Don’t be afraid to say no

If anyone who cold calls tries to enter your home without your permission, is threatening or refuses to leave your property, call 999.

Sadly older people are targeted due to their trusting nature, so if you have older parents, relatives or friends, please share this message with them and check they know how to stay safe if cold callers knock on their door.

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Nigel Warby
(Police, PCSO, Hambleton)

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