Cllr. Cookmans Annual Report

Hambleton District Council:

Annual report for year 2018 – 2019

Notes for Parish annual meeting:

  • Draft Local Development Plan to 2035: current timetable is 6 weeks statutory representation period from June 2019; submitted for examination to Secretary of State November 2019. Estimated adoption date December 2020. The current Interim Planning Guidance (IPG) policy is allowing more housing on acceptable sites BUT please note:

Houses built under the IPG policy will not contribute to the overall housing numbers.

  • £25,000 was available for Easingwold & Villages through the Hambleton DC Community Grants scheme.

  • Locally, Brafferton and Helperby Parishes have merged to work as a single parish council.

  • CCTV operations: Hambleton has 55 cameras in use, majority with latest digital technology. Members

  • Former Northallerton Prison site -Treadmills will contain food, restaurant and retail outlets, parking, cinema complex, office and business outlets, some residential and an open public space. Local Enterprise Partnership funding will improve the link between the High Street and Treadmill site.

  • Dalton Airfield: the improved bridge and access road, to alleviate flooding, is encouraging businesses to invest and expand.

  • Devolution: nearly 5 yrs of talks have failed to reach a conclusion to benefit the 18 Authorities; Secretary of State has declared that “One Yorkshire” is a non-starter.

  • Usage of the Northallerton’s improved and extended Gym & Exercise facilities have surpassed all expectations including the 24-hour access.

  • Vibrant Market Towns have £10k to spend raising awareness and promoting the towns.

  • The 2019 World Road Cycling Championships in Sept. are based in Harrogate. Official start will be from Northallerton and subsequent route stages through Hambleton.

  • Green Waste subscriptions were above target last year at £767k: the relevant service costs ≈£1m.

Christine Cookman 9 May 2019

Retired – Huby Ward member

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