Farlington Parish Meeting

Interim Meeting

20th April 2022, 6.30pm

Farlington Village Hall



John Wills (JW, Chair)

Sue Scotter (SS, Sec)

David Waring (DW, Treasurer)

Beverley Kershaw

Sheila Nield

Geoff Nield

Mike Scotter

Chris Hewison (CH)

  1. Welcome

The Chair welcomed all to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Treasurers Report

JW reviewed the year end accounts for the Parish which are shown on Page 3.

SS reported that we are still trying to source approved but affordable new signage for the village which will be paid for out of Parish funds.

4. Update on Retrospective Planning Application to Ryedale District Council for Traveller Site at Cornborough

SS updated those present on the status of the application. A decision was expected on 13th April, however, no update has yet been received from Ryedale District Council. A total of 71 objections had been registered on the planning portal with none in support.

SS reported that a number of complaints had been sent to Ryedale DC from residents of both Sheriff Hutton and Farlington regarding the DC’s abject failure to take enforcement action against the illegal development of this traveller site (which was brought to the attention of Ryedale DC supported by photographic evidence) by SH Parish Council back in June 2021. This site has been the subject of several failed planning applications in previous years and enforcement action to remove unauthorised lodgings was previously enacted. However, the DC have chosen, on this occasion, to turn a blind eye to this development which includes remodelling of the barn and cladding in plastic, landscaping of grounds and erection of fencing, installation of caravan dwellings and septic tank, none of which were permitted under previous provisions/constraints. SS reported that she has made both Stage 1 and Stage 2 complaints to Ryedale DC regarding inequitable treatment of applicants on this site and lack of an explanation as to why they have not acted on this occasion to prevent this development, thereby demonstrating a dereliction of duty to Cornborough residents and their neighbours in this rural and historic area. SS (as a resident, not in her capacity as Clerk to the Parish Meeting) is now in the process of escalating this to a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsmen regarding the performance of Ryedale DC in this matter. Government policy not permitting traveller sites in agricultural areas with no facilities has been wilfully ignored (especially when there is more than sufficient provision for travellers in the County) and, additionally, they have allowed a development which is outside of the development framework for Sheriff Hutton and a retrospective planning application which should never have been accepted. This would not have been tolerated elsewhere.

SS also reported that Kevin Hollinrake MP has taken a personal interest in this case and is consulting with Ryedale DC and has asked SS to keep him informed of all correspondence.

5. AOB

The issue of fly tipping was raised by CH, noting the arrival of a large pile of asbestos/cement roofing panels and tyres on the road to Woodside Farm. SS has reported this to Hambleton DC and it has now been removed. Residents should be vigilant and report fly tipping either to secretary@farlington.org.uk or directly via the portal on the HDC website. Any evidence retrieved via surveillance/wildlife cameras is useful and supports prosecution.

JW reported that although some pothole filling had been carried out on the lane to Woodside Farm, there were still several large holes that need attention. SS agreed to take this up with her contact in Highways Dept and raise again the subsidence occurring on the right side of the road approaching Woodside Farm from the village end.

6. Date of next meeting

Parish AGM October 2022 tbc

Farlington Parish Meeting

Treasurer’s report for F/Y 2021/2022

The second financial year during the period of Covid-19 has proved even quieter than the first. Only 6 transactions in total comprising the following:

Parish Precept £480
Received for repairs to the Gazebo£31.37
Allotment Rent £20
Unidentified payment£ 16.75
Repayment for Kitchen Utensils £35
Payment due for Christmas tree £15.00
Paid (or owing)£15.00

With the gradual easing of Covid restrictions we can anticipate a slight increase in the demand for funds to enable village events to be supported. We must also anticipate a proportionate increase in running costs by the end of the year.

Receipt for the supply (M. McKenzie) of the Christmas tree has been received but misplaced prior to reimbursement. This has been authorised retrospectively.

One Allotment rent payment (£20) is outstanding but is usually received annually in the Autumn. The Allotment rents were last discussed in 2015/16 with no changes in the annual charge. There a need to consider this matter at the AGM later in the year.

End of year 20/21 balance carried forward £899 plus total income for 21/22 of £583 minus £15 owing to M. McKenzie, Parish meeting assets are £1453.

D. Waring



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