Minutes – Village Hall Trustees Meeting

23rd January 2019, 7pm – Farlington Village Hall


John Wills
David Waring
Susan Scotter
Beverley Kershaw

Financial update

DW gave an update on village hall finances and current status. The village hall and Parish Meeting (PM) accounts have now been separated and the village hall has its own Barclays Bank community account whereas it was formerly a savings account linked to the PM account.

The village hall account now contains approx. £1200. We will continue to build on this via ticketed events to build a reasonable buffer so as to be able to comfortably cover the annual insurance, electricity bill and any remedial works/improvements needed.

Draft constitution for VH

The draft constitution was agreed subject to minor amendments. SS to amend and then submit to Charities Commission as required to supersede current Governing Document which is no longer fit for purpose now that the PM and village hall are separate entities.

Insurance status

SS reported she had received all the relevant documents from the new village hall insurer “Markel” as arranged for us by Access Insurance Services. The premium of £381 had been paid and the policy would come into force on 11 February 2019 for one year. SS confirmed that Trustee Indemnity Insurance to the value of £500,000 was in operation.

SS reported that Access had advised that we put in place an H&S policy, a hire agreement policy and risk assessment policy. These had now been drafted and reviewed by Trustees. It was agreed that an additional paragraph regarding the incorporation of an annual review of the H & S policy document should be inserted and that H&S should become a standard agenda item for all meetings. It was agreed that a copy of these policy documents, together with the new constitution, should be put in a folder and kept in the village hall so as to be available for public scrutiny. SS agreed to take this forward.

CIO status and progress

SS explained the current situation with respect to conversion of the village hall from a Charitable Trust to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Following attendance at a networking event for charities to learn more about the advantages of becoming a CIO, it was clear that, for the purposes of reducing personal trustee liability, CIO status would be advantageous to us as Trustees. It confers “limited liability” as the hall takes on its own identity and becoming a CIO removes the threat of trustees being held personally liable in the case of accident or illness (where the village hall is involved) and being pursued through litigation. A CIO is still registered with the Charities Commission but there is no requirement to register with Companies House. However, the legal costs of converting to a CIO are significant where a building is involved and indications from a local solicitor are that it would cost in the region of £2500 (after a discount), funds which we do not currently have. SS is in a dialogue with North Yorkshire Stronger Communities to ascertain whether a grant could be sought for these legal fees to help us progress to CIO status. As yet she had not had a response but would update the Trustees as soon as she had an answer. It was agreed that if no grant could be obtained then we would have to stay as a Charitable Trust and ensure that due diligence was followed as far as reasonably possible, to protect ourselves from any possible litigation.

Trustee acceptance forms

All forms had now been completed and filed.


Works needed

SS reported that Graham Hill had reduced the courtyard wall height, backing onto the Mahon’s garden, so as to effect an emergency escape route from the courtyard via a ladder. Graham had kindly carried out this work free of charge. A suitable ladder now needed to be sourced and purchased.

Additionally, the shed housing the new toilet needed to be erected and it was agreed that DW, JW and Mike Scotter would attend to this in the better weather.

Event planning

It was agreed that we need to get more help to plan and run events in the village hall. SS will send out a Farlington Alert to try to encourage more volunteers to come forward. It was also agreed that a new VH treasurer should be sought so that DW could relinquish that position as he was also the PM treasurer. JW agreed to draft a survey monkey re. events and send to SS so that it could be distributed via Farlington Alerts and the website.



Date of next Meeting

AGM to be held in conjunction with Farlington Parish Meeting AGM at end March 2019 (tba) to coincide with financial year end.

S. Scotter

24 January 2019

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