Stay safe over Christmas

Take some precautions to protect your property and valuables this Christmas:

If you are going out in the evening leave some lights and a radio on to make it look as though someone is at home.

As at any other time of the year, make sure all your doors and windows are secure, even when you are at home. Check everything is locked before you go to bed.

If you have a burglar alarm, make sure you set it when you go out and when you go to bed.

Don’t leave car keys, ID cards or valuables near windows, doors or letterboxes, where burglars can reach through to steal them.

Cut up packaging for any expensive items so that it will fit inside your refuse bin, never leave boxes next to the bin where they can be seen.

Before wrapping expensive Christmas presents write down the model and serial number.

If a burglar can see presents under your Christmas tree, they may want to steal them. Wait until the morning of Christmas Day to put your presents under the tree.

Try not to post photos of high value presents, such as jewellery or electronics, on social media.

What to do if you’re going away

Double check windows and doors are locked before leaving.

Never advertise on social media that you are away.

Ask a trusted person to look after your home by pulling the curtains at night and putting your bin out on collection day, reminding them to put the bin back after the rubbish has been collected.

Invite neighbours to use empty drives.

Light up your living room using timer switch.

A TV simulator can also be used to make give the appearance of a TV screen being used.

Lock your garden gates and side entrances. Don’t leave tools lying around in the garden which could be used to break into your home.

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