Farlington Village Hall Managing Trustees Meeting

28th August 2018, 7.45pm, Farlington Village Hall

MINUTES (unapproved)

John Wills (JW, Chair and Village Hall Trustee)
Sue Scotter (SS, Secretary and Village Hall Trustee)
David Waring (DW, Treasurer and Village Hall Trustee)
Beverley Kershaw (BK, Village Hall Trustee)

1. Apologies

2. Treasurer’s report
See parish minutes. New Village Hall bank account being set up with cheque book. Village hall account will contain approx. £1600
Action: DW

3. Progress on Village Hall Trusteeship
Further to ongoing discussions regarding the requirement for Managing Trustees of the hall, JW, SS, DW and BK are now the registered Managing Trustees in the absence of any other volunteers. This is the default position whereby, in the absence of any volunteers (as yet unforthcoming), the key postholders of the Parish Committee (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) agree to take on this role in order to prevent the hall from losing its charitable status due to lack of volunteers willing to be Managing Trustees.

BK, formerly a Holding Trustee, indicated previously to SS that she wished to continue in the role of a Managing Trustee for continuity. All except BK had signed a pro-forma  stating their agreement to act until such time as they wished to retire or others came forward and that they understood the Charity Commission rules for eligibility to be a Charity Trustee. BK requested that SS resend the form as she did not appear to have received it.
Action: SS/BK

4. Grant application for village hall items
SS reported that she had been encouraged by North Yorkshire Stronger Communties to apply, through the Inspire Fund, for financial support to buy some new items for the village hall. SS said that due to the repeated concerns at events about the lack of a toilet facility at the hall, a utility tent and portaloo had been requested together with a water boiler, small A rated fridge, disability ramp, water butt and vacuum cleaner. Although the use of a portaloo was not ideal, it was the best option available for emergencies pending obtaining larger grants for installation of running water and a more permanent facility. This was not going to be achieved any time soon by SS due to many other commitments. An electrician was also to be contacted regarding the installation of lighting for the back yard where the portaloo was to be sited so as to avoid trip hazards.
Action: SS

5. Upcoming village hall events
The next scheduled events are:
September 19th: Parish AGM.
September 21st: Harvest Festival and possible Apple Fest.
September 28th: Macmillan Coffee Morning from 10am.
November (tbc): Pie and Peas evening with our resident guitar duo “Unarmed Weasel”
December 21st : Carol service with possible gathering/lighting of Christmas tree afterwards.
All events subject to confirmation and will be advertised through Farlington Alerts.

6. AOB
JW/SS pointed out that if the village hall is to be sustainable, there will need to be continued effort to fundraise, especially to meet the costs of the insurance, electricity and any ongoing maintenance costs. All help/ideas gratefully received and needed.

7. Date of next meeting
Dec 2018 tbc

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