Wine Tasting

June 23, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Farlington Village Hall
Main Street
Farlington, North Yorkshire
YO61 1NW

Call My Bluff Wine tasting.

An evening of quaffing wine, with the excuse of being sociable, and the vague possibility of adding a smidgin of knowledge to our boozy bumblings.

Sounds good to me.

Why not come along and have a light hearted wine tasting evening – or even use it to celebrate a delayed ‘Fathers Day’

Our idea is to have a light-hearted wine tasting evening that will be based (very loosely) on the gameshow ‘Call my Bluff’.  It will not demand a great knowledge of oenology as the answers will be provided – sort of.  There will be a number of wines for you to taste and make notes of what you think they might be.  Competitors may be solo or in teams (max 6 per team).  

In an attempt help the non-experts (and confuse the more knowledgeable) each wine will come with three descriptive options as to its type and origins. 

These descriptions may, or may not, assist with identifying the correct answers.

Hopefully there will be at least a little wine left over to go with some light snacks afterwards.

Your entertainments team can not quite afford to provide the wine and the food so we regret we will have to ask for a donation of £10 per head (but hopefully there will be a little money left over to go towards supporting the Village Hall).

Please indicate – by 20 June – your intention to attend to either:

Sue Scotter


Dave waring

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