Monday 16th September 2019

Hi reader

Following the Parish Meeting AGM held last night in the village hall, a new set of "Guidelines for the Operation of Farlington Parish Meeting" have been prepared, and published on the Farlington website.

These have been required following advice from Hambleton District Councillor Christine Cookman, who informed us that our previous Governing Document was not appropriate, and the Parish Meeting was being run incorrectly (despite having been done that way for 30 years)! These guidelines are based on the rules given in the National Association of Local Councils Legal Topic Note 3, September 2014.

Please will you now take a moment to look at the new Guidelines. If you wish to make any comments or seek clarification on any points please let me know as soon as possible.

If I do not hear from you by 1st October 2018, I will assume that you are content for them to be enacted.

Please also note that the full minutes of the Parish AGM will be circulated next week.


Sue Scotter
Sec., FPM

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